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Very brief bio

Born as Mark Evgen’evich Veklerov on May 17, 1967 in Moscow, Russia. Between 1976 and 1993, mostly lived in the United States, in northern California, western Massachusetts, New York City, New Jersey, and once again New York.

Schools attended: Head-Royce (Oakland, Calif.), Amherst Regional HS (Mass.), Columbia College (New York), Princeton University. Studied physics.

In 1994 worked in Copenhagen, then settled in Paris. At some point stopped doing theoretical physics and started experimental psychology. Don’t plan any further career changes.

How to reach me

At work
Mark Wexler
LPP, CNRS/Université Paris V
45, rue des Saints-Pères
75006 Paris, France

E-mail: (the easiest way to reach me)
Tel: +33 (from inside France,
Fax: +33 (from inside France,

At home
Mark Wexler
30 bis, rue Sorbier
75020 Paris, France

Tel: +33 (from inside France,